{ "CodeList": [ { "ValidValue": [ { "Code": "ST", "Value": "Department of State", "Acronym": "DOS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.457", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD", "Value": "Department of Transportation", "Acronym": "DOT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.503", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR", "Value": "Department of the Treasury", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.49", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VA", "Value": "Department of Veterans Affairs", "Acronym": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.54", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "OT", "Value": "Other Agencies and Independent Organizations", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.65", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EOP", "Value": "Executive Office of the President", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.92", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FQ", "Value": "Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for DC", "Acronym": "CSOSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.02", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL", "Value": "Judicial Branch", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.88", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LL", "Value": "Legislative Branch", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.913", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RH", "Value": "Armed Forces Retirement Homes", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.947", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CI", "Value": "Central Intelligence Agency", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.623", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SM", "Value": "Smithsonian Institution", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.59", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TB", "Value": "National Transportation Safety Board", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.46", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CM", "Value": "Department of Commerce", "Acronym": "DOC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.237", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD", "Value": "Department of Defense", "Acronym": "DOD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.267", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ", "Value": "Department of Justice", "Acronym": "DOJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.373", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DL", "Value": "Department of Labor", "Acronym": "DOL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.4", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ED", "Value": "Department of Education", "Acronym": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.3", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DN", "Value": "Department of Energy", "Acronym": "DOE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.31", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS", "Value": "General Services Administration", "Acronym": "GSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.277", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE", "Value": "Department of Health And Human Services", "Acronym": "HHS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.32", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HS", "Value": "Department of Homeland Security", "Acronym": "DHS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.337", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU", "Value": "Department of Housing and Urban Development", "Acronym": "HUD", "LastModified": "2018-01-10T06:39:30.177", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN", "Value": "Department of the Interior", "Acronym": "DOI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.483", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN", "Value": "National Aeronautics and Space Administration", "Acronym": "NASA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.113", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG", "Value": "Department of Agriculture", "Acronym": "USDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.203", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AH", "Value": "National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.24", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZZ", "Value": "Non-Federal Civilian Customers", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.6", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF14", "Value": "Air Force Installation Contracting Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.66", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF15", "Value": "Air Force Civil Engineer Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.523", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF16", "Value": "Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.707", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF17", "Value": "AF Installation and Mission Support", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.417", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF18", "Value": "Defense Health Agency Air Force Element", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.113", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF00", "Value": "U.S. Air Force - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.85", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF20", "Value": "Air Force Agency for Modeling/Simulation", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.487", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1B", "Value": "Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-08-09T09:00:42.707", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF4C", "Value": "AFELEM US CYBER COMMAND", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-11-17T13:54:30.05", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1A", "Value": "Air Force C2 & Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.503", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3K", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. European Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.597", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF25", "Value": "Air Force Wide Support Element", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.81", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1Y", "Value": "Air Force Civilian Career Training", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.53", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF4D", "Value": "U.S. Northern Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "Acronym": "USNORTHCOM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.477", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF21", "Value": "Air Force Nuclear Weapons Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0V", "Value": "Air Force Special Operations Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.8", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF24", "Value": "HQ USAF Direct Support Element", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.54", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF4W", "Value": "Air Force District of Washington", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.567", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF35", "Value": "Air Elements Defense Intelligence Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.473", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF5J", "Value": "Air Force Financial Services", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.637", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF5K", "Value": "Air Force Petroleum Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.757", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1K", "Value": "Air Force Cyber Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1R", "Value": "United States Africa Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.627", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF12", "Value": "Air Force Public Affairs Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.763", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF13", "Value": "HQ USAF and Support Elements", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.53", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AFGS", "Value": "Air Force Global Strike Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.647", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF39", "Value": "Air Force Element OSD", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.573", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF01", "Value": "Air Force Management Engineering Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.683", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AFJF", "Value": "Department of U.S. Air Force Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.537", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF0K", "Value": "Air University", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.833", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF0Y", "Value": "Air Force Communications Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.55", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF10", "Value": "Air Force Center for Quality & Management Innovation", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.52", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF1P", "Value": "Air Force Real Property Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.77", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF1W", "Value": "Engineering and Support Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.883", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF27", "Value": "Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.48", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF28", "Value": "Air Force Communication and Information Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.54", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2B", "Value": "Air Force Doctrine Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.57", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2C", "Value": "Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.533", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2G", "Value": "Air Force Service Information and News Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.79", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2P", "Value": "Air Force Center for International Programs", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.517", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2V", "Value": "Air Force Disposal Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.563", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2X", "Value": "Air Force Real Estate Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.767", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF2Y", "Value": "Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.74", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF3I", "Value": "Reservist, Centrally Managed", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.467", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF3L", "Value": "Center for Air Force History", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.557", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF3R", "Value": "Air Force Elements, US Readiness Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.633", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF3S", "Value": "Space Command and NORAD", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.623", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF3Z", "Value": "Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.877", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF11", "Value": "Air Force Manpower Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.687", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF02", "Value": "Air Force Inspection Agency (FO)", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.657", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF03", "Value": "Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.73", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF04", "Value": "Air Force Communications Agency (Historical)", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.547", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF05", "Value": "Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.667", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF06", "Value": "Air Force Audit Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.497", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF07", "Value": "Air Force Office of Special Investigations", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.727", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF08", "Value": "Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Security Forces Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.463", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF09", "Value": "Air Force Personnel Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.747", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0B", "Value": "U.S. Air Force Academy", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.863", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0D", "Value": "U.S. Air Forces, Europe", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.87", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0I", "Value": "Air Force Reserve Personnel Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.773", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0J", "Value": "Air Education and Training Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.47", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0M", "Value": "Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.42", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0N", "Value": "Immediate Office, Headquarters, USAF", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0R", "Value": "Pacific Air Forces", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF0U", "Value": "Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1C", "Value": "Air Combat Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.467", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1G", "Value": "Air Force Logistics Management Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.68", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1L", "Value": "Air Mobility Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.82", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1M", "Value": "Air Force Materiel Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.69", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1Q", "Value": "HQ AF Flight Standards Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.517", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF1S", "Value": "Headquarters, Air Force Space Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.423", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF29", "Value": "Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.713", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2A", "Value": "Air Force Cost Analysis Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.553", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2D", "Value": "Air Force Personnel Operations Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.75", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2E", "Value": "Air Force Legal Operations Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.673", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2F", "Value": "Air Force Medical Support Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.7", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2H", "Value": "Air Force Operations Group", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.737", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2I", "Value": "Air National Guard Readiness Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.827", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2K", "Value": "Air Force Historical Research Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.65", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2L", "Value": "Air Force Technical Applications Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.807", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2M", "Value": "Air Force Review Boards Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.783", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2N", "Value": "Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.803", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2Q", "Value": "Headquarters, Air Weather Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.427", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2R", "Value": "Air Force Program Executive Office", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.76", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2S", "Value": "Air Force Elements NORAD", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.583", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2T", "Value": "Air Force Safety Center", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.787", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2U", "Value": "Air Force Services Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.797", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2W", "Value": "11th Wing", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.35", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF2Z", "Value": "Air Force Medical Operations Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.693", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF34", "Value": "Air National Guard", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.823", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3C", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Central Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.59", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3D", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Special Operations Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.617", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3G", "Value": "Air Force Elements, NATO", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.587", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3M", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Southern Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.61", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3N", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Joint Forces Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.6", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3O", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Pacific Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.603", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3Q", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Strategic Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.62", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3T", "Value": "Air Force Elements, U.S. Transportation Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.627", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3V", "Value": "Air Force Elements", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.577", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3W", "Value": "Air Force Center for Engineer & Environment", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.51", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AF3Y", "Value": "Air Force Frequency Management Agency", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.64", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AFNG", "Value": "Air National Guard Units", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2018-10-16T15:40:32.287", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AFZG", "Value": "U.S. Special Operations Command (ANG)", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2018-10-16T15:40:32.29", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AFZS", "Value": "Air Force, Special Operations Command", "ParentCode": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.817", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG01", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Agriculture", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.51", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG02", "Value": "Agricultural Marketing Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "AMS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.44", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG03", "Value": "Agricultural Research Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "ARS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.447", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG07", "Value": "Agriculture, Rural Development", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2019-03-08T11:21:21.273", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG08", "Value": "Risk Management Agency", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "RMA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.47", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG10", "Value": "Foreign Agricultural Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "FAS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.233", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG11", "Value": "Forest Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "FS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.237", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG13", "Value": "Office of Communications", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.693", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG14", "Value": "Office of the General Counsel", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.447", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG15", "Value": "Rural Utilities Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.51", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG16", "Value": "Natural Resources Conservation Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "NRCS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.47", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG18", "Value": "Economic Research Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "ERS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.82", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG20", "Value": "National Agricultural Statistics Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "NASS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.127", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG22", "Value": "National Institute of Food and Agriculture", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "NIFA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.287", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG23", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.46", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG32", "Value": "Rural Business-Cooperative Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.483", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG34", "Value": "Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "APHIS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.887", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG36", "Value": "Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "GIPSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.373", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG37", "Value": "Food Safety and Inspection Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "FSIS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.22", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG38", "Value": "Office of the Chief Economist", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.317", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG42", "Value": "Office of Budget and Program Analysis", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.677", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG90", "Value": "Agriculture, Office of the Chief Financial Officer", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.457", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGCR", "Value": "Civil Rights", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.71", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGDA", "Value": "Departmental Administration", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.55", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGES", "Value": "Office of the Executive Secretariat", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.433", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGFA", "Value": "Farm Service Agency", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "FSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.957", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGIT", "Value": "Office of the Chief Information Officer", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.393", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGNA", "Value": "Office of Hearings and Appeals", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2018-05-23T20:12:45.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGAW", "Value": "Alternative Agric Res & Commercialization -terminated", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.843", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGDB", "Value": "Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization -terminated", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.567", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGHS", "Value": "Homeland Security Staff", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.483", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGSB", "Value": "Rural Development Support Services - terminated Sept 2003", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.507", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGJF", "Value": "United States Agriculture Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.63", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGSC", "Value": "National Sheep Industry Improvement Center", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.407", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AGR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Agriculture", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.91", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AG30", "Value": "Food and Nutrition Service", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.21", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG99", "Value": "Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) Business Center", "ParentCode": "AG", "Acronym": "FPAC", "LastModified": "2018-07-10T14:21:35.71", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGEM", "Value": "Office of Environmental Markets", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.803", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AG00", "Value": "Department of Agriculture - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.21", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGAO", "Value": "Office of Advocacy and Outreach", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AGHL", "Value": "Homeland Security Staff", "ParentCode": "AG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.493", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AR00", "Value": "U.S. Army - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.877", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAA", "Value": "U.S. Army Accession Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.88", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAP", "Value": "U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.423", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARCE", "Value": "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers", "ParentCode": "AR", "Acronym": "USACE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX1", "Value": "U.S. Army Material Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.063", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAN", "Value": "Arlington National Cemetery", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.91", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARA1", "Value": "U.S. Army Africa/Southern European Task Force (USAFRAF/SETAF)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.893", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AR2A", "Value": "U.S. Army Cyber Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.01", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAF", "Value": "United States Army Futures Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2019-02-22T10:38:26.853", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARHC", "Value": "US ARMY HUMAN RESOURCES COMMAND (DRU)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-11-17T13:54:30.073", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARCH", "Value": "US Army Civilian Human Resources Agency", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-09-19T12:20:09.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARFB", "Value": "US Army Financial Management Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-09-19T12:20:09.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAE", "Value": "U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.89", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AR3A", "Value": "U.S. Army Central", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.963", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AR5A", "Value": "U.S. Army North", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.087", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSO", "Value": "U.S. Army South", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.19", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARTW", "Value": "U.S. Army War College", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.27", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXR", "Value": "U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.12", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARG6", "Value": "U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Army Signal Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.083", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARTA", "Value": "U.S. Army Accession Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.887", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARTM", "Value": "U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.417", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARJF", "Value": "United States Army Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.637", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARZ9", "Value": "USSOUTHCOM", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.727", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARZ8", "Value": "Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.933", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARZ7", "Value": "Army Recreation Machine Program (ARMP)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.08", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARZ6", "Value": "Army Veterinary Command (VETCOM)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.127", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARZ5", "Value": "Field Operating Agency of the Department of Defense - Stars and Stripes", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.17", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARAU", "Value": "U.S. Army Audit Agency", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.957", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARCD", "Value": "Army Corps of Engineers", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.003", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARCZ", "Value": "Army Information Systems Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.03", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARE3", "Value": "U.S. Army Southern European Task Force", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.213", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARMP", "Value": "Army Human Resources Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.017", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARMT", "Value": "Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.043", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARPC", "Value": "Military Entrance Processing Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.03", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARRC", "Value": "U.S. Army Recruiting Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.09", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARSS", "Value": "Staff Support Agencies of Chief of Staff", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.633", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARX5", "Value": "Army Materiel Command, All Others", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.05", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARX9", "Value": "Army Simulation, Training & Instrumentation Command, AMC", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.103", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARXA", "Value": "Army Chemical & Biological Defense Command, Army Materiel Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.97", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARFL", "Value": "Army South Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.113", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8RNG", "Value": "Army/Air National Guard", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.133", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARAC", "Value": "Army Contracting Agency", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.99", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Department of the Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ARAS", "Value": "U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.043", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARAT", "Value": "U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.243", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARBA", "Value": "Army Installation Management Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.04", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARCB", "Value": "U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.003", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARCS", "Value": "Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.397", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARE0", "Value": "59th Ordnance Brigade", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.373", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARE1", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.65", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARE2", "Value": "21st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.37", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARE5", "Value": "U.S. Army V Corps", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.263", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AREB", "Value": "1st Personnel Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.357", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARED", "Value": "U.S. Military Community Activity, Heidelberg", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.4", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AREN", "Value": "Seventh Army Training Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARFC", "Value": "U.S. Army Forces Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.027", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARGB", "Value": "Office of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.403", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARHR", "Value": "U.S. Army Reserve Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.147", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARHS", "Value": "U.S. Army Health Services Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.04", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARJ1", "Value": "U.S. Army Element SHAPE", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.02", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARJA", "Value": "Joint Activities", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.857", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARMA", "Value": "U.S. Military Academy", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.39", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARMC", "Value": "U.S. Army Medical Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.067", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARMD", "Value": "Surgeon General", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARMW", "Value": "U.S. Army Military District of Washington", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.073", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARNG", "Value": "Army National Guard Units", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2018-10-16T15:40:32.313", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARP1", "Value": "U.S. Army, Pacific", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.273", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARP8", "Value": "Eighth U.S. Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.83", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSA", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of the Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.53", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSB", "Value": "Field Operating Offices of the Office of the Secretary of the Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.177", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSC", "Value": "U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/U. S. Army Forces Strategic Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.223", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSE", "Value": "HQDA Field Operating Agencies and Staff Support Agencies", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSF", "Value": "Miscellaneous Field Operating Agencies", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.063", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSJ", "Value": "Joint Services and Activities Supported by the Office, Secretary of the Army", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.87", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSP", "Value": "U.S. Special Operations Command (Army)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.55", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARSU", "Value": "U.S. Army Southern Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.207", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARTC", "Value": "U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.26", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX2", "Value": "Headquarters, AMC", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.43", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX3", "Value": "Headquarters, Staff Support Activities, AMC", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.46", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX4", "Value": "Training Activities, AMC", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.79", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX6", "Value": "U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.96", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX7", "Value": "Army Tank-Automotive and Armament Command (TACOM)", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.123", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARX8", "Value": "U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.99", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXB", "Value": "U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.973", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXC", "Value": "U.S. Army Sustainment Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.23", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXD", "Value": "U.S. Army Contracting Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.993", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXK", "Value": "Materiel Acquisition Activities", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.977", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXL", "Value": "Materiel Acquisition Project Managers", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.98", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXP", "Value": "U.S. Army Security Assistance Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.157", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXQ", "Value": "U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.057", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXT", "Value": "U.S. Army Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.08", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ARXX", "Value": "Materiel Readiness Activities", "ParentCode": "AR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.003", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM33", "Value": "Technology Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.723", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM51", "Value": "Office of the Secretary", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.507", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM52", "Value": "Economic Development Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "EDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.803", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM53", "Value": "Bureau of Economic Analysis", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "BEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.28", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM54", "Value": "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "NOAA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.34", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM55", "Value": "Commerce, International Trade Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "ITA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.747", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM56", "Value": "Patent and Trademark Office", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "USPTO", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.68", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM57", "Value": "National Institute of Standards and Technology", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "NIST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.303", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM59", "Value": "Minority Business Development Agency", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "MBDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.06", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM61", "Value": "National Telecommunications and Information Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "NTIA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.45", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM62", "Value": "National Technical Information Service", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "NTIS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.433", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM63", "Value": "U.S. Census Bureau", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "USCB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.29", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM64", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.46", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM65", "Value": "Economics and Statistics Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "ESA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.823", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CM67", "Value": "Bureau of Industry and Security", "ParentCode": "CM", "Acronym": "BIS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.287", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CMR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Commerce", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.973", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMXX", "Value": "Department of Commerce", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.22", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR2", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Bureau of the Census", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.957", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR3", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Telecommunications and Information Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.267", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR4", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Economic Development Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.023", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR5", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Institute of Standards and Technology", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.227", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR6", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.25", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR7", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.323", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMR8", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Commerce Other subcomponents", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.98", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CMJF", "Value": "Department of Commerce Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.26", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CM00", "Value": "Department of Commerce - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "CM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.24", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD00", "Value": "Department of Defense - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.27", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD81", "Value": "Defense Acquisition University", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DAU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.07", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD80", "Value": "Defense Media Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.14", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD53", "Value": "Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2018-09-28T08:21:30.027", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD69", "Value": "National Defense University", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "NDU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.223", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD74", "Value": "Defense Technical Information Center", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DTIC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.183", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD77", "Value": "Business Transformation Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.51", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD75", "Value": "Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.087", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD70", "Value": "Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.92", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD71", "Value": "Defense Microelectronics Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.147", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD72", "Value": "Pentagon Renovation Program Office", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.733", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD73", "Value": "Virginia Contracting Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.833", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD68", "Value": "Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.287", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD78", "Value": "Defense Programs Support Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.167", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD79", "Value": "Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.86", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD67", "Value": "Unified Combatant Command Headquarters", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.6", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD76", "Value": "U.S. Transportation Command", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "TRANSCOM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.59", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DDJF", "Value": "Department of Defense Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.283", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DDZZ", "Value": "United States Marine Corps , Technology Services Organization (TSO)", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.663", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NV", "Value": "Department of the Navy", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.487", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AR", "Value": "Department of the Army", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.48", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DDZ1", "Value": "US Army Financial Management Command", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.69", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AF", "Value": "Department of the Air Force", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "AF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.473", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DDR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Defense", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.993", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DD09", "Value": "American Forces Information Service", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.867", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DD17", "Value": "TRI-CARE Support Office - terminated March 2001", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.833", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DD50", "Value": "Defense Support Activity - terminated March 2001", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.18", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DD01", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Defense", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.513", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD02", "Value": "Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "JCS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.643", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD04", "Value": "Defense Information Systems Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DISA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.123", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD05", "Value": "Defense Intelligence Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DIA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.127", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD06", "Value": "Defense Security Cooperation Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DSCA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.17", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD07", "Value": "Defense Logistics Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DLA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.133", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD08", "Value": "U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "CAAF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.33", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD10", "Value": "Defense Contract Audit Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DCAA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.093", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD11", "Value": "National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "NGA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.26", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD12", "Value": "Defense Security Service", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DSS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.173", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD13", "Value": "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DARPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.08", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD15", "Value": "Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "USU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.607", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD16", "Value": "Department of Defense Education Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DODEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.28", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD21", "Value": "Washington Headquarters Services", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "WHS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.85", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD23", "Value": "Office of Economics Adjustment", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.767", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD25", "Value": "Defense Legal Services Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DLSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.13", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD26", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.927", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD27", "Value": "Missile Defense Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "MDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.07", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD28", "Value": "National Security Agency/Central Security Service", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "NSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.377", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD29", "Value": "Defense Technology Security Administration", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.187", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD34", "Value": "Defense Commissary Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DECA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.09", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD35", "Value": "Defense Finance and Accounting Service", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DFAS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.107", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD36", "Value": "Army and Air Force Exchange Service (nonappropriated fund)", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.957", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD48", "Value": "Defense Human Resources Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.12", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD58", "Value": "Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.16", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD59", "Value": "Consolidated Metropolitan Technical Personnel Center", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.95", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD60", "Value": "Defense Health Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.11", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD61", "Value": "Defense Threat Reduction Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DTRA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.19", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD62", "Value": "Defense Career Management and Support Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.083", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD63", "Value": "Defense Contract Management Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "DCMA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.1", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD64", "Value": "Eastern Regional Support Center", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.78", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD65", "Value": "Pentagon Force Protection Agency", "ParentCode": "DD", "Acronym": "PFPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DD66", "Value": "Department of Defense Counterintelligence Field Activity", "ParentCode": "DD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.273", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ01", "Value": "Offices, Boards and Divisions", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.633", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ02", "Value": "Federal Bureau of Investigation", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "FBI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.97", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ03", "Value": "Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "BOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.89", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ06", "Value": "Drug Enforcement Administration", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "DEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.73", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ07", "Value": "Office of Justice Programs", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "OJP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.97", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ08", "Value": "U.S. Marshals Service", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "USMS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.377", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ09", "Value": "Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and the Office of the U.S. Attorneys", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.913", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ10", "Value": "Justice, Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.89", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ11", "Value": "Justice, U.S. Trustee Program", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.897", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ12", "Value": "Executive Office for Immigration Review", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "EOIR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.91", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ14", "Value": "Community Relations Service", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.923", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJ15", "Value": "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives", "ParentCode": "DJ", "Acronym": "ATF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.277", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DJR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Justice", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.16", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DJZZ", "Value": "National Security Division", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.383", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DJJF", "Value": "Department of Justice Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.39", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DJ00", "Value": "Department of Justice - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "DJ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.38", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DL00", "Value": "Department of Labor - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.407", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLWH", "Value": "Wage and Hour Division", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.84", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLOF", "Value": "Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.813", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLOL", "Value": "Office of Labor-Management Standards", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.973", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLOW", "Value": "Office of Workers' Compensation Programs", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.623", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLJF", "Value": "Department of Labor Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.427", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DLR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Labor", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.177", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DLNS", "Value": "National Skill Standards Board - terminated July 2003", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.423", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DLAA", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Labor", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.527", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLAM", "Value": "Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.257", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLBL", "Value": "Bureau of International Labor Affairs", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "ILAB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.31", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLCA", "Value": "Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.71", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLCF", "Value": "Office of the Chief Financial Officer", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.347", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLEH", "Value": "Office of Disability Employment Policy", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "ODEP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.74", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLES", "Value": "Employment Standards Administration", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.877", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLET", "Value": "Employment and Training Administration", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "ETA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.873", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLIG", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.453", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLLS", "Value": "Bureau of Labor Statistics", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "BLS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.327", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLMS", "Value": "Mine Safety and Health Administration", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "MSHA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.053", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLPA", "Value": "Office of Public Affairs", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.117", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLPE", "Value": "Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.26", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLPW", "Value": "Employee Benefits Security Administration", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "EBSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.86", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLSH", "Value": "Occupational Safety and Health Administration", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.62", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLSL", "Value": "Office of the Solicitor", "ParentCode": "DL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.59", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLVE", "Value": "Veterans Employment and Training Services", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "VETS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.813", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DLWB", "Value": "Women's Bureau", "ParentCode": "DL", "Acronym": "WB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.9", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Secretary of Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.66", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEB", "Value": "Office of the Deputy Secretary of Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.42", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEC", "Value": "Office for Civil Rights", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "OCR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.64", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEE", "Value": "Office of the Under Secretary", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.603", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEF", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.91", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEG", "Value": "Office of the General Counsel", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.45", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEH", "Value": "Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.197", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEI", "Value": "Office of the Chief Information Officer", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.387", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEJ", "Value": "Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.977", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEK", "Value": "Office of Finance and Operations", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2019-03-12T14:18:38.853", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEL", "Value": "Office of the Chief Financial Officer", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.36", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEM", "Value": "Office of Management", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.98", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEN", "Value": "Federal Student Aid", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "FAFSC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.137", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEP", "Value": "Office of Postsecondary Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.097", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEQ", "Value": "Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.133", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDER", "Value": "Institute of Education Sciences", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "IES", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDES", "Value": "Office of Elementary and Secondary Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "OESE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.777", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDET", "Value": "Office of English Language Acquisition", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "OELA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.79", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEU", "Value": "Office of Innovation and Improvement", "ParentCode": "ED", "Acronym": "OII", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.907", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEV", "Value": "Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.613", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEX", "Value": "National Institute for Literacy", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.283", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEY", "Value": "Advisory Councils and Committees", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.413", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEZ", "Value": "National Assessment Governing Board", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.14", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Education", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.03", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "EDJF", "Value": "Department of Education Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.307", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "EDED", "Value": "Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.083", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EDEO", "Value": "Office of Communications and Outreach", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.7", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ED00", "Value": "Department of Education - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "ED", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.303", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DN03", "Value": "Bonneville Power Administration", "ParentCode": "DN", "Acronym": "BPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.26", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DNFE", "Value": "Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)", "ParentCode": "DN", "Acronym": "FERC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.997", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DNWP", "Value": "Western Area Power Administration", "ParentCode": "DN", "Acronym": "WAPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.863", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DNNN", "Value": "National Nuclear Security Administration", "ParentCode": "DN", "Acronym": "NNSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.333", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DNSW", "Value": "Southwestern Power Administration", "ParentCode": "DN", "Acronym": "SWPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.617", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DNJF", "Value": "Department of Energy Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.317", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DNFC", "Value": "Federal Energy Regulatory Commission", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.99", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DNR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Energy", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.043", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DNR2", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - OIG-Energy", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.353", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DNBN", "Value": "Energy, Bonneville Power Administration", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.88", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DN00", "Value": "Department of Energy", "ParentCode": "DN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.313", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS01", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Administrator", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.587", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS03", "Value": "Public Buildings Service", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.807", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS04", "Value": "Office of Civil Rights", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.69", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS10", "Value": "Office of Small Business Utilization", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.167", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS11", "Value": "Office of the Chief Financial Officer", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.367", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS12", "Value": "Office of General Counsel", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.857", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS13", "Value": "Civilian Board of Contract Appeals", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.723", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS14", "Value": "Office of Human Resources Management", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.903", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS15", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "GS", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.933", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS19", "Value": "Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.687", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS20", "Value": "Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.713", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS22", "Value": "Offices of the Regional Administrators", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.63", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS26", "Value": "Office of Governmentwide Policy", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.883", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS28", "Value": "Office of the Chief Information Officer", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.377", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS29", "Value": "Office of Childcare", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.68", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS21", "Value": "Office of Smart Card Initiatives - terminated Dec 2002", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.18", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GS24", "Value": "Federal Supply Service", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.143", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GS25", "Value": "Information Technology Service - terminated July 1998", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.707", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GS27", "Value": "Federal Technology Service", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.147", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GSR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - General Services Administration", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.077", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GSJF", "Value": "General Services Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.3", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GS32", "Value": "Office of Communications and Marketing", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.697", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS00", "Value": "General Services Administration - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.29", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS31", "Value": "GSA, Office of Mission Assurance", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.377", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS30", "Value": "Federal Acquisition Service", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.963", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS16", "Value": "Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.287", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS18", "Value": "Technology Transformation Service", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.743", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS02", "Value": "Office of Administrative Services", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.667", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GS33", "Value": "Office of the Customer Experience", "ParentCode": "GS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.417", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE13", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.95", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE00", "Value": "Department of Health and Human Services - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.33", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HEJF", "Value": "Department of Health and Human Services Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.333", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Health and Human Services", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.087", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER2", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Administration for Children and Families", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.887", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER3", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Administration on Aging", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.893", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER4", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.897", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER5", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.903", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER6", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.967", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER7", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.97", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER8", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Food and Drug Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.07", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER9", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Health Resources and Services Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.09", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HER0", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Indian Health Service", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.14", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HERA", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Institutes of Health", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.243", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HERB", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.29", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HERC", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.34", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HERD", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Program Support Center", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.363", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HERE", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.423", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HE10", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.52", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE11", "Value": "Program Support Center", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.8", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE12", "Value": "Administration for Community Living", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.393", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE31", "Value": "Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health", "ParentCode": "HE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.277", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE32", "Value": "Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "SAMHSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.703", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE33", "Value": "Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "AHRQ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.427", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE34", "Value": "Health Resources and Services Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "HRSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.467", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE35", "Value": "Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "ATSDR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.433", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE36", "Value": "Food and Drug Administration", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "FDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.203", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE37", "Value": "Indian Health Service", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "IHS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.697", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE38", "Value": "National Institutes of Health", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "NIH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.307", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE39", "Value": "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "CDC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.583", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE70", "Value": "Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "CMS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.593", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HE90", "Value": "Administration for Children and Families", "ParentCode": "HE", "Acronym": "ACF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.39", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSAA", "Value": "DHS Headquarters", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.7", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSAB", "Value": "Citizenship and Immigration Services", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "USCIS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.7", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSAC", "Value": "U.S. Coast Guard", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "USCG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.293", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSAD", "Value": "U.S. Secret Service", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "USSS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.523", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSAE", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.47", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSBB", "Value": "Immigration and Customs Enforcement", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "ICE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.68", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSBC", "Value": "Transportation Security Administration", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "TSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.803", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSBD", "Value": "Customs and Border Protection", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "CBP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.05", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSBE", "Value": "Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "FLETC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.03", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSCA", "Value": "Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2019-02-12T15:47:09.847", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSCB", "Value": "Federal Emergency Management Agency", "ParentCode": "HS", "Acronym": "FEMA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.987", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSDA", "Value": "Domestic Nuclear Detection Office", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.723", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSFA", "Value": "Science and Technology Directorate", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.52", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HSR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Homeland Security", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.11", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSBA", "Value": "National Protection and Programs Directorate", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.36", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSDB", "Value": "Office for Information Analysis", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.643", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSDC", "Value": "Office for Infrastructure Protection", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.65", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSEA", "Value": "Under Secretary for Management", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.597", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSJF", "Value": "Department of Homeland Security Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.347", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HSIA", "Value": "Office of Intelligence & Analysis", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.957", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HS00", "Value": "Department of Homeland Security - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "HS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.343", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU00", "Value": "Department of Housing and Urban Development - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.36", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUJF", "Value": "Department of Housing and Urban Development Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.363", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HUAB", "Value": "Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.243", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HUAC", "Value": "Office of Strategic Planning and Management", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.217", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HUOO", "Value": "Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.827", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HUR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Housing and Urban Development", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.13", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HUFH", "Value": "Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.823", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HU01", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for New England", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.553", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU02", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for New York/New Jersey", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU03", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Mid-Atlantic", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.547", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU04", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Southeast/Caribbean", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.58", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU05", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Midwest", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.55", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU06", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Southwest", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.583", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU07", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Great Plains", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.543", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU08", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Rocky Mountains", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.577", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU09", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Pacific/Hawaii", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.57", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HU10", "Value": "Office of the Senior Coordinator for Northwest/Alaska", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.567", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUAA", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.523", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUBB", "Value": "Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.373", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUCC", "Value": "Office of General Counsel", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.873", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUDD", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.137", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUEE", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.153", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUFF", "Value": "Office of the Chief Financial Officer", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.37", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUGG", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "HU", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.94", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUII", "Value": "Office of Departmental Operations and Coordination", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.72", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUJJ", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.14", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUKA", "Value": "Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.567", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUKK", "Value": "Office of Field Policy and Management", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.837", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HULL", "Value": "Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control", "ParentCode": "HU", "Acronym": "OHHLHC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.897", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUMM", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.173", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUNN", "Value": "Office of the Chief Procurement Officer", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.407", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUPP", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing", "ParentCode": "HU", "Acronym": "PIH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.22", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUQQ", "Value": "Office of the Chief Information Officer", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.38", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HURR", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.203", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUTT", "Value": "Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)", "ParentCode": "HU", "Acronym": "GNMA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.347", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUUU", "Value": "Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.717", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUVV", "Value": "Office of Disaster Management and National Security", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.76", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUWW", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.217", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUXX", "Value": "Office of Strategic Planning and Management", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.207", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HUYY", "Value": "Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities", "ParentCode": "HU", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.23", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN01", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of the Interior", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.533", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN05", "Value": "Bureau of Land Management", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "BLM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.34", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN06", "Value": "Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "BIA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.747", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN07", "Value": "Bureau of Reclamation", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "USBR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.397", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN08", "Value": "Geological Survey", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "USGS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.303", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN10", "Value": "National Park Service", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "NPS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.347", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN15", "Value": "Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "FWS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.76", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN21", "Value": "Office of the Solicitor", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.587", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN22", "Value": "Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.223", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN23", "Value": "Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.373", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN24", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.467", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "INR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Department of the Interior", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.01", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR2", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Bureau of Indian Affairs", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.92", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR3", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Bureau of Land Management", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.927", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR4", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Bureau of Reclamation", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.943", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR5", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Minerals Management Service", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.19", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR6", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Indian Gaming Commission", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.22", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR7", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Park Service", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.257", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR8", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Inspector General", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.307", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR9", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.283", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INR0", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Secretary of Interior", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.343", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INRA", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office of the Solicitor", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.35", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INRB", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.45", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INRC", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - U.S. Geological Survey", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.453", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INJ1", "Value": "Bureau of Land Management, Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.347", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "INJF", "Value": "Department of Interior Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.37", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "IN26", "Value": "Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.403", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN27", "Value": "Bureau of Ocean Energy Management", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.37", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN00", "Value": "Department of Interior - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "IN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.367", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IN99", "Value": "National Indian Gaming Commission", "ParentCode": "IN", "Acronym": "NIGC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.28", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN00", "Value": "NASA - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.083", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NNIG", "Value": "NASA Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.09", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NNXX", "Value": "NASAwide", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.097", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NNNS", "Value": "NASA Shared Services Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.093", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NNJF", "Value": "National Aeronautics & Space Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.11", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NNR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Aeronautics & Space Administration", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.197", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NN10", "Value": "Headquarters, NASA", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.447", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN21", "Value": "Ames Research Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.873", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN22", "Value": "John Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.853", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN23", "Value": "Langley Research Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.907", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN24", "Value": "Armstrong Flight Research Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.95", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN51", "Value": "Goddard Space Flight Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.323", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN62", "Value": "George C. Marshall Space Flight Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.313", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN64", "Value": "John C. Stennis Space Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.833", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN72", "Value": "Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.957", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN73", "Value": "Space Station Program Office", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.627", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NN76", "Value": "John F. Kennedy Space Center", "ParentCode": "NN", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.847", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV08", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Secretary of the Navy", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.667", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV09", "Value": "Navy Staff Offices", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.59", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV10", "Value": "Navy Field Offices", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.57", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV11", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Chief of Naval Operations", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.643", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV12", "Value": "Department of the Navy/Assistant for Administration", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.527", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV14", "Value": "Office of Naval Research", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.033", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV15", "Value": "Naval Intelligence Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.517", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV18", "Value": "Naval Medical Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.523", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV19", "Value": "Naval Air Systems Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.473", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV22", "Value": "Bureau of Naval Personnel", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.357", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV23", "Value": "Naval Supply Systems Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.563", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV24", "Value": "Naval Sea Systems Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "Acronym": "NAVSEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.55", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV25", "Value": "Naval Facilities Engineering Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "Acronym": "NAVFAC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.483", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV27", "Value": "U.S. Marine Corps", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.37", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV30", "Value": "Strategic Systems Programs Office", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.697", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV33", "Value": "Military Sealift Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.037", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV39", "Value": "Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.62", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV41", "Value": "Navy Systems Management Activity", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.593", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV60", "Value": "United States Fleet Forces Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2018-01-29T14:17:50.577", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV61", "Value": "U.S. Naval Forces, Europe", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.453", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV62", "Value": "Chief of Naval Education and Training", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV65", "Value": "Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.53", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV69", "Value": "Naval Security Group Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.557", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV70", "Value": "U.S. Pacific Fleet, Commander in Chief", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.497", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV72", "Value": "Naval Reserve Force", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.547", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV74", "Value": "Naval Special Warfare Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NVZS", "Value": "U.S. Special Operations Command (Navy)", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NVR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Navy", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.273", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NV63", "Value": "Naval Network Operations Cmd - terminated Jan 2003", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.533", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NVJF", "Value": "Department of Navy Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.45", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NV00", "Value": "U.S. Navy - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.463", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV76", "Value": "Naval Education and Training Command", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.48", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NV52", "Value": "Commander, Navy Installations", "ParentCode": "NV", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.733", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RH02", "Value": "Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington, DC - terminated", "ParentCode": "RH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.943", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "STJF", "Value": "Department of State Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.47", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ST00", "Value": "Department of State - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.463", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "STR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - State", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.4", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ST14", "Value": "Metropolitan Technical Support Center", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.023", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ST27", "Value": "Northern Regional Personnel Center", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.61", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ST32", "Value": "Materiel Acquisition Support Center", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.997", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ST46", "Value": "Eastern Regional Personnel Center", "ParentCode": "ST", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.737", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD00", "Value": "Department of Transportation - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "TD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.513", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD18", "Value": "Transportation Administrative Service Center", "ParentCode": "TD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.797", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TDR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Transportation", "ParentCode": "TD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.44", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TD01", "Value": "Office of the Secretary of Transportation", "ParentCode": "TD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.54", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD03", "Value": "Federal Aviation Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "FAA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.967", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD04", "Value": "Federal Highway Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "FHWA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.003", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD05", "Value": "Federal Railroad Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "FRA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.083", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD06", "Value": "Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "SLSDC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.517", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD09", "Value": "Federal Transit Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "FTA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.167", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD10", "Value": "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "NHTSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.273", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD11", "Value": "Research and Innovative Technology Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "RITA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.46", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD12", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.94", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD13", "Value": "Maritime Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "MARAD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.97", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD15", "Value": "Surface Transportation Board", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "STB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.71", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD16", "Value": "Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "PHMSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.747", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TD17", "Value": "Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration", "ParentCode": "TD", "Acronym": "FMCSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.073", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TDJF", "Value": "Department of Transportation Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "TD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.52", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TRJF", "Value": "Department of Treasury Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.53", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TRFE", "Value": "Department of Treasury, FedExperience", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.533", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TR35", "Value": "Office of Thrift Supervision", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.61", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR40", "Value": "Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "TTB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.84", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR91", "Value": "Treasury, Departmental Offices", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.81", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR93", "Value": "Internal Revenue Service", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "IRS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.777", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR95", "Value": "Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.947", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAA", "Value": "Bureau of the Fiscal Service (FMS)", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.457", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAB", "Value": "Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BPD)", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.443", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAD", "Value": "U.S. Mint", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.447", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAF", "Value": "Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.82", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAI", "Value": "Bureau of Engraving and Printing", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "BEP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.283", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRAJ", "Value": "Office of the Comptroller of the Currency", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "OCC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.413", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRTG", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General for Tax Administration", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.477", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Treasury", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.443", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TR00", "Value": "Department of Treasury - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.523", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TR36", "Value": "Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP)", "ParentCode": "TR", "Acronym": "SIGTARP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.597", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TRFD", "Value": "Bureau of the Fiscal Service", "ParentCode": "TR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.427", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABJ", "Value": "Veteran Employment Services Office", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.77", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABH", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Labor Management Relations", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.613", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABI", "Value": "Dean for VA Learning University", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.063", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABK", "Value": "Office of Enterprise Operations", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-11-07T14:39:21.023", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAKC", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.62", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHE", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security Preparedness", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.663", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAGA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Operations, Security, and Preparedness", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.633", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAGB", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security and Law Enforcement", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.657", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAGC", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Emergency Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.58", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VA00", "Value": "Department of Veterans Affairs - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.543", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Veterans Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.457", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAAC", "Value": "Board of Contract Appeals", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.25", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAAH", "Value": "Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.16", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VABB", "Value": "Deputy Asst Sec for Security & Law Enforcement - terminated", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.68", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAAA", "Value": "Office of the Secretary", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.5", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAAD", "Value": "Board of Veterans Appeals", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.257", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAAE", "Value": "General Counsel", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.267", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAAF", "Value": "Veterans Affairs, Inspector General", "ParentCode": "VA", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.777", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.603", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABC", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.19", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABD", "Value": "Assistant Secretary for Diversity and Inclusion", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.147", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABE", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.56", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABF", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Office of Resolution Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.63", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VABG", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Corporate Senior Executive Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.573", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VADA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.627", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VADC", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.563", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VADD", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.593", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VADG", "Value": "Executive Director, Office of Acquisition and Logistics", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2019-04-24T14:20:09.643", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAEA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.62", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAEB", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.603", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHA", "Value": "Office of Enterprise Integration", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2019-04-24T14:19:55.99", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHB", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Program and Data Analysis", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.647", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHC", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.64", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHD", "Value": "National Center for Veteran Analysis and Statistics", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.18", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAJA", "Value": "Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.27", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAJB", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.61", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAJC", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.65", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAKA", "Value": "Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.6", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAKB", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.57", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VALA", "Value": "Veterans Benefits Administration", "ParentCode": "VA", "Acronym": "VBA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.8", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAPA", "Value": "Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration", "ParentCode": "VA", "Acronym": "NCA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.783", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VATA", "Value": "Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration", "ParentCode": "VA", "Acronym": "VHA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.793", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHG", "Value": "Vet Customer Experience (VCE)", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2018-01-03T22:46:06.21", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAGD", "Value": "Executive Director for Identity, Credential, and Access Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2018-01-03T22:46:39.3", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAGE", "Value": "Director for Resource Management", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2018-01-03T22:45:34.487", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VAHF", "Value": "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security and Law Enforcement", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.66", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAJF", "Value": "Department of Veterans Affairs Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.55", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAJ1", "Value": "Veterans Health Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.82", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAJ2", "Value": "Veterans Benefits Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.807", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "VAJ3", "Value": "National Cemetery Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "VA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.167", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "0", "Value": "USAJOBS Staff Use Only", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.7", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HFJF", "Value": "Federal Housing Finance Agency Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.017", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HFIG", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General for the Federal Housing Finance Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.487", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TK00", "Value": "Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.197", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "EPJF", "Value": "Environmental Protection Agency Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.893", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SZJF", "Value": "Social Security Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.61", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "OMJF", "Value": "Office Of Personnel Management - Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.053", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "NFJF", "Value": "National Science Foundation Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.37", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SBJF", "Value": "Small Business Administration Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.577", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TV99", "Value": "Tennessee Valley Authority, OIG", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.76", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HF00", "Value": "Federal Housing Finance Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.013", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "RH01", "Value": "Armed Forces Retirement Home - Gulfport, MS - terminated", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.93", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "BT00", "Value": "Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.903", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BW00", "Value": "Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NWTRB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.617", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BZ00", "Value": "Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.683", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CC00", "Value": "Commission on Civil Rights", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USCCR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.79", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AM00", "Value": "U.S. Agency for International Development", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USAID", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.847", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AN00", "Value": "African Development Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ADF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.423", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AP00", "Value": "Appalachian Regional Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ARC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.893", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AU00", "Value": "Federal Labor Relations Authority", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FLRA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.023", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AW00", "Value": "Arctic Research Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USARC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.907", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BD00", "Value": "Merit Systems Protection Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "MSPB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.02", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BF00", "Value": "Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "DNSFB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.15", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BG00", "Value": "Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "PBGC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.703", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BH00", "Value": "Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.763", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BJ00", "Value": "Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "IMCNHC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.577", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EB00", "Value": "Export-Import Bank of the United States", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "EXIM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.93", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CF00", "Value": "Commission of Fine Arts", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CFA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.773", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CI00", "Value": "Central Intelligence Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CIA", "LastModified": "2017-11-14T00:00:00", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CT00", "Value": "Commodity Futures Trading Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CFTC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.903", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CU00", "Value": "National Credit Union Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NCUA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.213", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CX00", "Value": "National Commission on Libraries and Information Science", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.2", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DA00", "Value": "Delta Regional Authority", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.197", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FC00", "Value": "Federal Communications Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FCC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.977", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FD00", "Value": "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FDIC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.98", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FI00", "Value": "Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FFIEC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FJ00", "Value": "Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CSB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.65", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FK00", "Value": "Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.95", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FL00", "Value": "Farm Credit Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FCA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.943", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FM00", "Value": "Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FMCS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.037", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AB00", "Value": "American Battle Monuments Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ABMC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.853", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "0000", "Value": "USAJOBS Staff Use Only", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.72", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "0800", "Value": "Armed Forces Enlistment - No Civilian Jobs", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.917", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "FCR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Federal Communications Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.063", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "EPR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Environmental Protection Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.053", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SZR1", "Value": "Recovery Act Jobs - Social Security Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.87", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GWR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - International Boundary and Water Commission: U.S. & Mexico", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.157", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SBR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Small Business Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.383", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "OMR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Office Of Personnel Management", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.28", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "00AG", "Value": "Agriculture Demonstration Page", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.45", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "00FS", "Value": "Forest Service Demonstration Page", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.25", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "00CE", "Value": "Census Demonstration Page", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.523", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "00DD", "Value": "Defense Demonstration Page", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.1", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AI00", "Value": "U.S. Institute Of Peace", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USIP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.353", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "BK00", "Value": "James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.813", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8FNG", "Value": "Air Force National Guard", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.71", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8RRS", "Value": "Army Reserves", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.087", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HW00", "Value": "U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USICH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.36", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "FR00", "Value": "Federal Reserve System-Board Of Governors", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.113", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "FY00", "Value": "Federal Housing Finance Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.02", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "GY00", "Value": "International Joint Commission: United States and Canada", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.81", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "HT00", "Value": "Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2018-10-25T07:57:49.33", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RH00", "Value": "Armed Forces Retirement Home", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "AFRH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.927", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DF00", "Value": "Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.44", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DQ00", "Value": "Denali Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.2", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "OI00", "Value": "Office of the Director of National Intelligence", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ODNI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.43", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DB00", "Value": "Public Interest Declassification Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.827", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "5LCS", "Value": "Legal Service Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.91", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "MI00", "Value": "Millennium Challenge Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "MCC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.05", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GQ00", "Value": "Election Assistance Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "EAC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.837", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LF00", "Value": "Federal Election Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FEC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.983", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ES00", "Value": "Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.807", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EW00", "Value": "Trade and Development Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USTDA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.763", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "XX00", "Value": "Multi-agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.08", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "FT00", "Value": "Federal Trade Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FTC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.163", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FW00", "Value": "Office of Special Counsel", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OSC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.19", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GB00", "Value": "Overseas Private Investment Corporation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OPIC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.653", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GE00", "Value": "Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.24", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GG00", "Value": "Office of Government Ethics", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OGE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.877", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GJ00", "Value": "Presidio Trust", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.77", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GM00", "Value": "Valles Caldera Trust", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.76", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GN00", "Value": "White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.877", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GO00", "Value": "Vietnam Education Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "VEF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.827", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GW00", "Value": "International Boundary and Water Commission: United States and Mexico", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.79", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GX00", "Value": "International Boundary Commission: United States and Canada", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.803", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HB00", "Value": "Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.89", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HD00", "Value": "U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USHMM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.347", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HP00", "Value": "Advisory Council on Historic Preservation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ACHP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.407", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IB00", "Value": "U.S. Agency for Global Media", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USAGM", "LastModified": "2018-12-17T10:44:28.25", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IF00", "Value": "Inter-American Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "IAF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.733", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EE00", "Value": "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "EEOC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.897", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EO00", "Value": "Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.077", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EP00", "Value": "Environmental Protection Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "EPA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.89", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "KS00", "Value": "Corporation for National and Community Service", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CNCS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.983", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "MA00", "Value": "Marine Mammal Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "MMC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.963", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "MC00", "Value": "Federal Maritime Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FMC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.033", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NF00", "Value": "National Science Foundation", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NSF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.367", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NK00", "Value": "National Council on Disability", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NCD", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.21", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NL00", "Value": "National Labor Relations Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NLRB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.327", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NM00", "Value": "National Mediation Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NMB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.33", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NP00", "Value": "National Capital Planning Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NCPC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.153", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NQ00", "Value": "National Archives and Records Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NARA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.137", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RE00", "Value": "Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.017", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RF00", "Value": "Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FRTIB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.123", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RR00", "Value": "Railroad Retirement Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "RRB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.853", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RS00", "Value": "Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FMSHRC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.06", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SB00", "Value": "Small Business Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "SBA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.57", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SE00", "Value": "Securities and Exchange Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "SEC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.533", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SK00", "Value": "Consumer Product Safety Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CPSC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.977", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SM01", "Value": "National Gallery of Art", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NGA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.257", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SM02", "Value": "Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.913", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SM03", "Value": "Smithsonian Institution ", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "SI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.583", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SM04", "Value": "John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.837", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SS00", "Value": "Selective Service System", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "SSS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.54", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "SZ00", "Value": "Social Security Administration", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "SSA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.593", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TB00", "Value": "National Transportation Safety Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NTSB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.463", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TC00", "Value": "U.S. International Trade Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ITC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.363", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NU00", "Value": "Nuclear Regulatory Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "NRC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.613", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "OM00", "Value": "Office of Personnel Management", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OPM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.043", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "OS00", "Value": "Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OSHRC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.627", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "OV00", "Value": "Office of the Vice President", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.607", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "PI00", "Value": "Public International Organization", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.843", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "PJ00", "Value": "Postal Regulatory Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "PRC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.753", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "PO00", "Value": "U.S. Postal Service", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "USPS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.51", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "PU00", "Value": "Peace Corps", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "PC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.693", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TV00", "Value": "Tennessee Valley Authority", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "TVA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.75", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "UJ00", "Value": "Japan-United States Friendship Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "JUSFC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.823", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "UT00", "Value": "Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.747", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TW00", "Value": "Surface Transportation Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "STB", "LastModified": "2019-07-23T10:03:59.33", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HFHA", "Value": "Federal Housing Finance Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FHFA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.01", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "HFHI", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General for the Federal Housing Finance Agency", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.48", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "XVAT", "Value": "Agency System Test", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.437", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "XDCC", "Value": "District of Columbia Courts", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.717", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GK00", "Value": "Centennial of Flight Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.54", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FRBG", "Value": "Federal Reserve System--Board of Governors", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "FRS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.09", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FRFT", "Value": "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "CFPB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.963", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "GC00", "Value": "Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.393", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "VD00", "Value": "Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.79", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "WX00", "Value": "World War 1 Centennial Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.927", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RZ00", "Value": "Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.863", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "PO01", "Value": "Office of the Inspector General, USPS", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.49", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "YE00", "Value": "Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.857", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IG00", "Value": "Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.01", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AA00", "Value": "Administrative Conference of the United States", "ParentCode": "OT", "Acronym": "ACUS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.4", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "DG00", "Value": "Northern Border Regional Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.603", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "RO00", "Value": "Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission", "ParentCode": "OT", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.01", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "WHX1", "Value": "Office of the Former President", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.443", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "WHY1", "Value": "Office of the President Elect", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.497", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "KR00", "Value": "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.19", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "WH01", "Value": "White House Office", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.883", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "WH03", "Value": "Office of the President", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.493", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "QQ00", "Value": "Office of National Drug Control Policy", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "ONDCP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.003", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TN00", "Value": "Office of the U.S. Trade Representative", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "USTR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.6", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "TS00", "Value": "Office of Science and Technology Policy", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "OSTP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.15", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "NS00", "Value": "National Security Council", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "NSC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.38", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EQ00", "Value": "Council on Environmental Quality/Office of Environmental Quality", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "CEQ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.013", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EX00", "Value": "Executive Residence at the White House", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.927", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "IW00", "Value": "Commission on Intelligence Capabilities of the U.S. Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.82", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "DC00", "Value": "Office of Policy Development", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "OPDR", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.09", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "EC00", "Value": "Office of Administration", "ParentCode": "EOP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.66", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "BO00", "Value": "Office of Management and Budget", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "OMB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.987", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CE00", "Value": "Council of Economic Advisers", "ParentCode": "EOP", "Acronym": "CEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "CIJF", "Value": "Central Intelligence Agency Hiring Fair", "ParentCode": "CI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.64", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "CICM", "Value": "Community Management", "ParentCode": "CI", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.917", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "FQ00", "Value": "Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for DC - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "FQ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.04", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FQ01", "Value": "Office of the Director", "ParentCode": "FQ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.427", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "FQ02", "Value": "Pretrial Services Agency", "ParentCode": "FQ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.773", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL03", "Value": "U.S. Tax Court", "ParentCode": "JL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.573", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL01", "Value": "Supreme Court of the United States", "ParentCode": "JL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.707", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL02", "Value": "U.S. Courts", "ParentCode": "JL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.34", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL04", "Value": "Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts", "ParentCode": "JL", "Acronym": "AO", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.403", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL05", "Value": "U. S. Sentencing Commission", "ParentCode": "JL", "Acronym": "USSC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.84", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "JL00", "Value": "Judicial Branch - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "JL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.883", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "YF00", "Value": "Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.183", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LL00", "Value": "Legislative Branch - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-05-05T15:32:01.027", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "YG00", "Value": "Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.473", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LA00", "Value": "Architect of the Capitol", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "AOC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.9", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LB00", "Value": "Botanic Garden", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "USBG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.267", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LC00", "Value": "Library of Congress", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "LOC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.923", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LD00", "Value": "Congressional Budget Office", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "CBO", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.933", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZD00", "Value": "U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "CAVC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.337", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZG00", "Value": "Office of Compliance", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "OOC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.707", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZL00", "Value": "Medicare Payment Advisory Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "MEDPAC", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.013", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZO00", "Value": "Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "CSCE", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.833", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZP00", "Value": "U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "USCIRF", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.317", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZS00", "Value": "United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.67", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZU00", "Value": "Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.733", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZV00", "Value": "Commission on the People's Republic of China", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.843", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "ZX00", "Value": "Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.38", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LG00", "Value": "Government Accountability Office", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "GAO", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.337", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LL01", "Value": "Senate", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-11-20T13:06:58.71", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LL02", "Value": "House of Representatives", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.503", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LL03", "Value": "U.S. Capitol Police", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "USCP", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.283", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LP00", "Value": "Government Publishing Office", "ParentCode": "LL", "Acronym": "GPO", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.363", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LQ00", "Value": "John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.83", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "LT00", "Value": "U.S. Tax Court", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:53.577", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "YB00", "Value": "Antitrust Modernization Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.89", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "YA00", "Value": "Commission on the Review of the Overseas Military Facility Structure of the United States", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.877", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ZK00", "Value": "Commission on Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.787", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ZN00", "Value": "Trade Deficit Review Commission", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.783", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ZW00", "Value": "Commission on Ocean Policy", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.83", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "ZZ00", "Value": "Nat Comm Terrorist Attacks - Terminated", "ParentCode": "LL", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.103", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SMR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - Smithsonian Institution", "ParentCode": "SM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.397", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "SM00", "Value": "Smithsonian - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "SM", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.58", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "TBR1", "Value": "Recovery Jobs - National Transportation Safety Board", "ParentCode": "TB", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.27", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "AH01", "Value": "National Endowment for the Arts", "ParentCode": "AH", "Acronym": "NEA", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.227", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AH02", "Value": "National Endowment for the Humanities", "ParentCode": "AH", "Acronym": "NEH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.237", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AH03", "Value": "Institute of Museum and Library Services", "ParentCode": "AH", "Acronym": "IMLS", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.73", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "AH00", "Value": "Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities - Agency Wide", "ParentCode": "AH", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.26", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "XPDS", "Value": "Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.817", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "XAMG", "Value": "Amtrak - Office of Inspector General", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "Acronym": "OIG", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.883", "IsDisabled": "No" }, { "Code": "XAMT", "Value": "Amtrak", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.88", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "3000", "Value": "Indian Tribal Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.703", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8AF0", "Value": "Air Force Military Recruiting Activity", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.703", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8AR0", "Value": "Army Military Recruiting Activity", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:47.057", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8FRS", "Value": "Air Force Reserves", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:46.78", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8MC0", "Value": "Marine Corps Military Recruiting Activity", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.96", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8NRS", "Value": "Navy Reserves", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.577", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "8NV0", "Value": "Navy Military Recruiting Activity", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:50.573", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2000", "Value": "State Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.653", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2CA0", "Value": "State of California", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.657", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2GA0", "Value": "State of Georgia", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.66", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2HI0", "Value": "State of Hawaii", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.663", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2MD0", "Value": "State of Maryland", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.667", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2NJ0", "Value": "State of New Jersey", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.673", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2OH0", "Value": "State of Ohio", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.69", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "2VA0", "Value": "State of Virginia", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:52.693", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "4000", "Value": "Local and County Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.93", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "4DC0", "Value": "District of Columbia Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:48.72", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "4LA0", "Value": "Los Angeles County Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:49.94", "IsDisabled": "Yes" }, { "Code": "4OK0", "Value": "Oklahoma City Government", "ParentCode": "ZZ", "LastModified": "2017-04-08T07:11:51.637", "IsDisabled": "Yes" } ], "id": "AgencySubElement" } ], "DateGenerated": "2019-08-18T07:58:55.0010729-04:00" }