Welcome to Data.USAJOBS.gov

The White House and OMB have launched an Open Data Digital Strategy initiative across government. In support of this initiative, OPM and the USAJOBS Program are providing new APIs for open access to Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) information.

Job Opportunity Announcement

REST based API.

  • The target is to provide Public Jobs to Commercial Job Boards, Mobile Apps and Social Media. These consumers typically require a more lightweight data definition than typically presented on USAJOBS.
  • The API Query parameters are very flexible and able to be tailored to retrieve the specific content desired.
  • Content can be delivered in either JSON or XML format.
  • Access is Open, no authentication required.
  • For Detailed Information on the REST API, please follow this link:

* The JOBS REST Service will be removed in release 5.3 in January, 2016

A new Search Service is now available. For more information and to register for an API key, please visit the USAJOBS Developer site: https://developer.usajobs.gov